What to look for – Simple DIY fixes and repairs for your gate

Gate not closing

Check any device you have holding it open such as a photo safety eye, open switch, call box (re-enter the open code), fire department switch.  Photo eyes must be aligned to work.

Check to see if the gate has power.  If it has a battery backup, shut this off before checking.

Look to see if the lights are on inside the operator.  No lights usually means no power.

If there is no power, check to see if your breaker is off or a GFI plug has been tripped.  Remember, your gate may not be plugged directly into a GFI but if you have one somewhere in the circuit, it will shut off the entire circuit including the gate operator.

Gate closes, but won’t open

Check for power as above, remember if it has a battery, it might run until the battery dies.

Check the battery in your transmitter (clicker, remote) or see if other clickers still work.

Replace the battery or the clicker if other work fine.

See if you can hear a clicking noise inside the operator cover.  If you can hear it, you probably have a motor or circuit issue – Call Us!  If you don’t hear clicking, the transmitter or receiver is not working.  This is usually a power issue and needs either a new battery or some fix for the power supply, such as plugging in or replacing it.

My code no longer works on my call box or keypad.

If it is a battery powered keypad, see if the keys still light up.  If not, change the battery.  Remember not to let the battery remain out of the keypad for more than 30 seconds.  Some keypads will lose their programming when power is off for more than this amount of time.

If it a regular metal keypad, the keys themselves may have become corroded.  Sometimes a bit of lubrication will fix them but sooner or later, you will need to call us to fix it.

By the way, cleaning a stainless steel face of surface rust can easily be done with a bit of 0000 steel wool and some WD40. Rub a bit of oil on it regularly to maintain a shiny clean surface.

Gate has gone off the track

Typically, a rolling gate (slide gate) goes off the track because someone has hit the gate with a car or it has rolled over debris on the track.  First check to see if the gate is bent by looking down the gate length.  If it is too bent, CALL US.  If it looks okay, turn off the power and manually move the gate using either the belt on the motor or the hand crank supplied with the operator.  Once the gate is in the position where the off-the-track wheel is furthest from the operator, simply lift the end of the gate and put it back on the track.  If it is too heavy to do this, you might try using a lever and a helper to lift and align it.

Call Boxes

Gate call boxes, AKA telephone entry systems seem to be an increasingly frustrating device.  While very necessary to let in visitors, local officials, pizza  and parcel deliveries, the changes by phone companies in the way they deliver services have created challenges for the home owner.

Since most new phone lines are derived from existing internet bandwidth, the cable box has become the main point of entry for telephone lines.  These bypass the existing old infrastructure in favor of a less expensive installation for the phone company.  Where before, your lines hooked into a system of wires running throughout the house, they are now brought into your kitchen or living room.

This means your gate call box is bypassed along with everything else.  Now you will need, at your own expense, to hire someone to reroute your wires from your original entry point, to your cable box in the kitchen or living room.

Other issues with call boxes are bad installation of original lines to the house, gate not closing after a code has been entered and changing codes.

Call boxes are not simple for the uninitiated to program but it can be done more easily with a bit of information.

First, each call box is different in the way they are programmed but most require a “master code” to start programming.  This is simply a way to get into the programming phase.  They almost all use what is called a location code.  The location code can better be thought of as a feature code.  Depending on what feature you are going to program, you will use a number to identify and access the feature.

For example, to program a new open code on a Doorking 1812 classic, you would enter a *, then the master code, location code and entry code.  Lets use a master code of 1234, a location code of 03 and an entry code of 4283 (the number on your telephone for GATE).  The new code would be put in like this:  * 021234 and you would hear a beep.  Then you would put in the location code 03 and *, (another beep) followed by the new entry code,4283 and “*” (another beep).  Entering 0 and # at the same time exits while beeping loud and long and saves the programming.

More on this is available through online manuals.  For the Doorking 1812 classic, by far the most popular call box, you can click here :

For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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